How it works

How it works

Follow these simple steps

Step 1

Online learning platform

Educastic is an online learning platform that has been designed to work as a virtual classroom with as many of the tools one would have in a real classroom setting, plus some bonus ones that can be found in a virtual setting.

Step 2

Wide variety of courses

Our marketplace offers a wide variety of courses, free and paid, for any level of student.

Search for the perfect course to suit your need.

Step 3

Create an account

Starting an Educast is easy, just signup, find your desired course and start learning!

Video Tutorials

Following are some video tutorials plus the product documentation to guide you through the Educastic platform.

Whiteboard : Annotation Tools
Whiteboard : Editing Tools
Whiteboard : Working with Tabs and Resources
Whiteboard : Navigating Within and Between Resources
Whiteboard : Inserting Media
Recording Educasts
Audio & Video on Educasts
Chatroom on an Educast
Educast Settings
Waiting Room on an Educast
Priviledges on an Educast
Invite from within an Educast
Notebook on an Educast
Calculator on an Educast

Dashboard Summary
Dashboard : My Schedule
Dashboard : Educasts
Dashboard : Series
Dashboard : Chat
Dashboard : Educast Reports
Dashboard : Educast Questions
Dashboard : Educast Tools
Dashboard : Notebook
Dashboard : Polls
Dashboard : Earning History
Dashboard : Reports & Graphs
Dashboard : Certificates
Dashboard : Purchase History

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