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$ / 60 min
$ / 60 min
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Customize your work area

Educastic offers you the flexibility you need in order to personalize your virtual classroom, in response to the learner's needs.

Discover the extensive properties of our Whiteboard

In educastic you can annotate a document, share your screen, record sessions, share audio and video, and all the necessary functions to transmit a lesson effectively as well as interact live with attendees.

Real-time file editor

Your documents, photos, and all digital resources can be uploaded onto the Whiteboard to be shared with attendees during the sessions.

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Whiteboard, Webcam, and many more features

Through Educastic, you will have the opportunity to modify everything you think is necessary to transmit a message on your educational sessions. You can conduct a tutoring session or a live review with your attendees. Among many other features, you can also communicate with your attendees through educastic’s chatroom, receive files, grant presentation privileges to your attendees and exchange information during the session. Also, you can record your classes to replay and review at your convenience.

Get to know educastic’s tools

Educastic integrates with the tools that will allow you to manage your sessions effectively and easily

Features of educastic

  • User-defined features
  • Multi-language
  • Plugin-free
  • Ability to submit feedback for additional features
  • Public and private courses
  • Free support 24/7
  • Secure and private cloud hosting and storage
  • Ease of use
  • Full chat capabilities
  • Minimal setup time
  • All teaching features included in the free version
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