Frequently Asked Questions

Educastic is an online platform that provides innovative teaching tools and resources, to adapt the virtual classroom in an easy, practical, and interactive way through the use of a digital whiteboard.



With Educastic you can upload a document on your whiteboard, share the screen, record your sessions, share audio and video, as well as grant presentation privileges to the attendees and exchange information during the session.

You just have to click on "Forgot password", put the email with which you registered and you will receive a message with the instructions to reset your password.

On the "My profile" section you can change your password.

In the "My profile" section you can configure your personal information.

You can do it from the initial screen by pressing “Schedule educast” or “Start educast now”, or from the initial board in the Create Educast option.

In the Poll section in your Profile you can generate a new survey and view the previous ones.

You can go to the “Educast Detail option of the “Educast” section on your Dashboard, and you will find the recordings of your Educasts.

Through “Create Educast”, you create a scheduled session with the specific number of guests and with a certain duration. Through “Start Educast now”, you create an Educast without major details for a practical and quick explanation. The latter can be used without guests and saved for subsequent Educasts, or you can invite some participants to make a tutorial or a presentation in a meeting.

​​​​​​You can do it through “Create Educast”, where you put all the email addresses of your next guests, or from within any Educast, through the invite button. You can also copy the URL of the Educast and send to all your invitees through any means of digital communication (e.g., email, WhatsApp, etc.)

​​​​​​During the Educast, the attendee can communicate with the teacher through the chatroom or through the webcam and audio link.

​​​​​​Educastic allows uploading resources to an Educast with a maximum of 10 MB per resource. A user can upload unlimited amount of resources to an Educast.

​​​​​​On the top bar of the board is the Load File to the Whiteboard button, there you can see the different options to upload a new resource.

​​​​​​Yes you can. In the top bar of the board is the Download Management button, there you can download the resources in any of the formats provided for it. There’s an option to download all resources in one pdf file.

By selecting the screen sharing option you can share with your guests in Educastic the full screen of your computer, a window of an application opened by you or a chromium-based tab (Chrome & Edge) these will be displayed in the Audio/Video window of the users invited to your session.

In the top toolbar you will find the record button, in it you can make the recording of your session or you can record the applications that you have open on your computer at that time.

​​​​​​You can share audio and video files, or a YouTube link.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Educastic has been tested with as many as 49 attendees, but more can join.

In the top bar next to the start the new add tab is displayed, or if you attach a new resource a new tab is opened. You can upload various resources at one time.

You can open all the tabs you need to develop your content.

​​​​​​In the Dashboard, there is a section called Educast Options, where you can configure the tools available on the board. Initially, you must select the options for uploading and downloading files, and then you will select the tools that will be used in the development of your work.

​​​​​​​​​​​​In the toolbar on the right, on the "Attendees and Privileges" button, you can select the guest you want to give authorizations to in your Educast. You can choose among allowing users to have full access to the annotation tools, send files via the Chatroom, and other functionalities. The authorizations can be suspended at any time during the Educast, and they do not have to be for all: the instructor chooses to whom he/she will give which authorization.

​​​​​​The instructor can send files by chat using the attach files icon. Any user can use that tool as long as the instructor grants him the privilege to do so.

​​​​​​You can change the font and size of the text in the chat in the top menu of the Chatroom.

​​​​​​You can choose to whom to send a message from the attendees in an educast via the top menu of the Chatroom.

​​​​​​In the audio icon found in the chat box, click and at the end of the audio press complete to send it.